A World Apart

by Zoran & Gimu

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I can’t remember when Zoran and I became friends.
I think it started on Soundcloud, with comments and mutual admiration.
Then I was his friend on facebook and he was mine on mine.
We always talk about many things, life things, things that make us smile or cry. Two guys, us, with our jobs and mundane issues. Sometimes it feels like we live in the same country when we face the same problems. Maybe Slovenia and Brazil have many things in common. I should stop one day and read a lot about Slovenia, where Zoran is from.
We hardly ever talk about music, I think, but we let each other know about things we’ve listened to and enjoyed.
I love Zoran’s music and I think he loves mine too ;)
We hardly ever find each other online. He’s in bed when I’m not and vice versa. We leave each other messages. We send each other messages all the time.
It was probably Zoran who suggested we should make an album together. It was Zoran who sent me stems I got inspired by and… songs were born. Zoran picked the picture for the artwork and titled the album. I titled the songs.
3 songs were mastered in june or july/2014 and then months went by. Only by october I had finished mastering the other 3. Zoran patiently understood he’d have to wait and patiently did wait.
We agreed he’d use his Bandcamp page for the album release which happened on oct 8.
I think we were able to create 6 beautiful songs together, with great atmospheres and textures to them. And tunes too. I simply adore “Dead Plains”.
Only today, as I was listening to the album, I thought I could leave it here on my Bandcamp too.
Thank you my dear dear Zoran! :)


released October 8, 2014



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Gimu ES, Brazil

a sound artist in pursuit of the perfect texture to adorn touching melodies. that's who I am and I am my music.
thanks for stopping by to spend some of your precious time listening to my albums.
it means a lot.
I do hope life's being fair to you.
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