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I don’t usually lose tracks but I had completely lost track of these two very long pieces. Tidying up can be a blessing. I, probably like you, have tons (I said TONS) of cd-rs and dvds I’ve been collecting since………... I usually know what I’ll find on them. I obviously did remember about “Brutal” but was too lazy to go look for it (them, the two pieces). Tidying up can be a blessing. Here they are, today. Sound pieces I created many many years ago, that bit of life I usually refer to as “the other life” or “before I really knew what I was doing”. I gave them a listen to make sure I really knew what they sounded like and… once again I thought I could simply throw them away but… why would I do it? So I would lose track of them forever? No, I don’t think so. They are safe – AND SOUND – here on Bandcamp. By doing it, I am giving myself peace of mind. Too many things to remember, too many things to think about and I’ve got to confess sometimes I just get sick and tired of the way my mind works.
Anyways, why does it all matter? It does not really :) This is only me sharing something with you since you’ve been kind enough to come here to enjoy and support my art and for that I am thankful. Thank you! Hope you’re REALLY fine.
Gear I used:

My mammoth Casio CZ5000.

A very very old mobile. It was my “microphone”.

A lovely old AM only radio that used to belong to my late dad.

My Danelectro guitar.

A “prepared” bass guitar (meaning you can’t really play it).

Reverbs, distortions and delays guitar pedals.

A Dell computer I used to use at work and took home for some January days off. It was long before I had an iMac.

My iMac (yesterday) for working a little more on the EQ.


released March 25, 2014




Gimu ES, Brazil

a sound artist in pursuit of the perfect texture to adorn touching melodies. that's who I am and I am my music.
thanks for stopping by to spend some of your precious time listening to my albums.
it means a lot.
I do hope life's being fair to you.
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