The Whole World Is Tired Today

by Gimu

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for this release, on wonderful cosmic winnetou label (, the man behind it, the amazing günter schlienz, asked me to write a bit about each song. a bit? having to summarize things at school used to drive me mad because I drown in words and let me think this is good, please :)
here it is. what I sent günter:

it has never worked:

I think I first worked on that song 3 or 4 years ago. It didn’t work. It was more than 20 min long and it had some EQ issues I couldn’t sort out back then. The ghostly loop has always appealed to me so I just kept it in hopes one day it would become something. It has, now. The title has nothing to do with the fact the song didn’t work at first. It’s just one of those lines one may say a lot in their lifetimes, no matter how hard they’ve tried, “it has never worked”. Synth sounds only added recently.
If they're running, there's a runaway bus coming:

I listened to a lot of “old cosmic sounds” in 2013 (well, I am always going back to them) and the cell that became “if they’re running…” is from any moment last year. Cosmic spasm and a floating tune. It’s all about the atmos.
when i fully understood why some people wanna die:

Some very old sounds on this one, from 1993 or 1994, a piece of a song I composed when I was in my first band. It just sounded so good when it was pitched down, I had to create something with it. Synth sounds added recently.
a heart transplanted twice:

me, flirting with synth arpeggios, a passion of mine. I’ve got this beautiful machine called MC 303 I used to “play” in my old band and… I’ve never used it again. One day I wanted to learn more about its family and I found out there were MCs in the 80’s already! I was shocked! A sample (loop) of a sound generated by the great-grandfather of my MC 303 was what I used to make “a heart…”. Did you know a transplanted heart can be transplanted again? I didn’t! And, yes, it can, according to what I learned from watching a very popular soap in Brazil many months ago  (Shame on me, I know!)
i say i am never late but we both know sometimes i am:

I grew older being very proud of the fact I was always a very punctual person and then one day I realized I was no more and that made me sad, the feeling of losing everything, even self-control. Another probably 4-year-old loop I never knew what to do about. I found it achingly beautiful and… when that happens, one might be afraid they’ll ruin it by “building” a shitty song ‘round it. So I, again, waited and here it is, that loop as a 2014 song. It had no synth sounds in the past because I was not using synth sounds 4 years ago.
the next dying generation:

or how to use sounds you rip off a song you absolutely love by a band very few know of. I simply adore “the next…”. One of my own fave songs ever. Some of my favorite ambient/experimental songs by other artists, who inspire me, are pieces that could last forever. I like to think “the next…” is like that too.
the days off afternoon sleep i truly do hate:

… and the saturday afternoon naps I absolutely love. Let me breathe, please. I need a 1:27 min break. Very old sounds of an Alesis synth, a sound called “Zeus Spoke” (as far as I remember…) I’ve never forgotten of (as far as I remember…), since I heard it in a studio in mid 90’s, plus some new synth sounds.
prematurely aging bones:

months ago I found out I’ve got prematurely aging bones and have been taking new pills, more pills (…) ever since. Oh, good news, how come you hate me so much?? Same description I used for “if they’re running…”. New prescription.
feel it closing in:

shortly before my old band died, a guy who could play the accordion came and joined us. We jammed, it was beautiful and it went nowhere. I’ve never met him again. He’d emailed me a file, some seconds of him playing that accordion. One day I found that file and… a piece of it has become “feel it…”. So simple, so beautiful, so touching. It’s me at the end of it playing an unplugged, out of tune guitar, and “singing”.


released December 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Gimu ES, Brazil

a sound artist in pursuit of the perfect texture to adorn touching melodies. that's who I am and I am my music.
thanks for stopping by to spend some of your precious time listening to my albums.
it means a lot.
I do hope life's being fair to you.
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