It Didn't Either

by Gimu

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"It Didn't Either" is probably a dreadful album.
I sent it to some labels and got no replies.
When one gets no replies from labels, they'll probably think their music really sucks.
I didn't send it to a label that would be in love with it for it is a magnificent album.
Which one do I choose to believe in?
I honestly don't know and sometimes I just think there's something terribly wrong with labels or I've been looking for IT in the wrong places.
What if I am perceived as part of a bunch that'll never be able to have their albums on vinyl, for instance, because... who'd invest their money on an artist nobody knows of taking, thus, chances on wasting money. Being forced to have to face it: guys at labels can't waste money and I can only agree. Yet, I will always take my chances. THAT label might be there, out there, somewhere, unconsciously looking forward to meeting me :)
But for now, Bandcamp, you beautiful, here I am again.
I think all the songs on "It Didn't..." are about 7 months old, more or less.
Some might be slightly older. I am almost sure it's a second-half-of-2014/first-half-of-2015" thing.
Maybe I'd been listening to a lot of Cabaret Voltaire and wanted to make music that would sound like it'd been made by the end of the 70s/early 80s. Yeah... I think that was my aim, to make an album that could sound industrial and post punk, an experimental facet of those genres, in essence already pretty much to do with being experimental. Obviously, it HAD to sound lo-fi. Lucky me because, since I've done everything myself including mastering (and "artwork"), it would sound lo-fi anyway. The excuse of the non-expert: "headphone stuff, headphone material", etc :) So this is industrial headphone music but I've labeled it AlienExperimentalMuzik. Well, I've gotta have some fun, too, right?? :)
There were more lines right here where these lines now are but I deleted them all because I can't explain an explanation and I can't say much about my own creation.
If you've ever wondered why THAT album was released by THAT label and wondered why YOUR music was turned down without a reply by, say, the same label, and you were / are sure your art is much more beautiful and intense, well, you know how I feel sometimes. You have my heart and my respect. You can get in touch and we'll laugh a lot.
We can even make dreadful music together! ;)
Dreadful sound artists of the world, unite!
Thank you SO much if you run a label that has released my music.
Thank you for putting your trust in my art. I will always owe you that.
And if we ever meet, some beers will be on me :)
For the first time I wanna share that with you:
The sample on "Even The Moon..." was taken from this song:
The grandfather of one of my best friends' played in that group when he was young, many decades ago. The song was recorded in 1936. His name was Amílcar De Conte.
The sample on "Song In You..." was taken from this song:
Very known tune, I'm aware, "Farewell Waltz".
That song was recorded in 1941 by two very popular singers in Brazil at that time, Dalva de Oliveira and Francisco Alves.


released May 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Gimu ES, Brazil

a sound artist in pursuit of the perfect texture to adorn touching melodies. that's who I am and I am my music.
thanks for stopping by to spend some of your precious time listening to my albums.
it means a lot.
I do hope life's being fair to you.
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